Product Project for Conservation Promotion

Last week, my group that I collaborate with and I were planning to create a product that will promote water conservation throughout the community. The product that we are planning on making would be a website that magnifies the seriousness of water usage. The website would have two main features. The first would be a count-up timer that shows the total amount of water used per minute, hour, or day in Lakeville and would count up continuously. The second feature would be a program that tells individuals how much water they would use per year by entering the number of times and duration they use certain common household water appliances, such as showers and toilets.

Google Trends for search terms related to Fresh Water Depletion

For this week’s research, my cooperators and I used Google Trends to find what search terms and topics related to fresh water depletion were becoming popular in certain time periods. Unfortunately, these topics aren’t very popular as search terms entered into Google. My group and I found that this topic has been an emerging issue which is not quite as noticed as it will in the future, so we just used the search term(s) during the time periods in which the topic was trending the most, and then looked at sources such as “The California Water Crisis: Policing vs. Pricing?” by Kathryn Shelton and Richard B. McKenzie. This article, though not about Minnesota, shows how bad the freshwater depletion situation can be and turn into a crisis.

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 11.26.48 AM

The terms from the Google trends graph trended the most during March of 2011. During this month, an earthquake offshore of Japan struck at a high magnitude. This earthquake then caused a devastating tsunami. This tsunami flooded far inland in Japan and killed thousands of people.


Shelton, Kathryn, and Richard B. McKenzie. “The California Water Crisis: Policing vs. Pricing?” EconLib. Library of Economics and Liberty, 1 Sept. 2014. Web. 09 Jan. 2015.