Defeating Depletion

The solution to defeating fresh water depletion is to advocate for water conservation by reaching out to the state government. After the dust bowl drought crisis of the 1930’s showed that the US needed a change in water usage responsibility, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (or MN DNR) went through many periods of stringent to loose control over state waters. Though the DNR changed how strict the control was, the DNR would always consider the public interest. In the article, “History of water protection,” the MN DNR elaborates they “would exercise permitting authority over these waters…for commercial, industrial, or agricultural purposes. The intent was to protect the public’s interest in the amount of water available for use” (MN DNR). Currently, the state of Minnesota has a strong intent of conserving water, so successfully advocating to the state government for stronger conservation would not be difficult, and therefore would be a tangible solution to fresh water depletion.

Fergus Falls Wetland

Lighthouse on Lake Superior

Though water supply still is being threatened in the US, advocation for water conservation has seen success in recent history in Minnesota. In 2008, Minnesotans voted for the Legacy Amendment which was meant to ensure the conservation of land and water in the state. In the article, “The Legacy Amendment,” the Conservation Minnesota organization explains that “the people of Minnesota voted overwhelmingly for the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. …it only happened because Minnesotans…voted to raise their own taxes to protect the things that make our state unique and special” (Conservation Minnesota). By voting for the Legacy Amendment and reaching out to the state government, Minnesotans helped to conserve water by advocating for statewide water conservation. One can further support the need for conservation and find success by reaching out to the state government just as the people who voted for the Legacy Amendment did in 2008.

Fresh water depletion can be solved by contacting the state government and advocating for conservation. Because water is a crucial necessity of life, the government has the same major responsibility to help conserve water as do citizens. Convincing the government to enforce conservation would be relatively easy compared to advocating to declare a war on a random country, so this would be a simple solution to the serious issue of fresh water depletion. As everyone has the same need for water, the government would soon find interest in conserving water.

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