Infographics Introduction

An infographic is a combination of imagery and data or text that relate to each other to explain a topic more effectively and easily than text or data alone. Infographics are more effective in conveying information than data or text by themselves because Guidelines in the form of do’s and do not’s to have successful infographics include but aren’t limited to:


  • Title your infographic with an attention ensnaring, catchy name.
  • Promote your infographic to websites on which you can submit posts.
  • Make your infographic easy to understand: ensure clarity.
  • include several statistics and visual representations of data
  • To improve chances of making your infographic popular, make an infographic on a topic that is relevant at the time.
  • Use shapes and visuals that are familiar to the audience for data.

Do not’s:

  • Don’t use too much text instead of imagery; information through text isn’t conveyed as easily as often as through pictures and visual aids.
  • Avoid white backgrounds; white can be boring and represent paper, which normally uses text as a means of informing.
  • Don’t use visuals that are hard to explain; visuals with confusing properties reduce clarity
  • Don’t create infographics of topics for the wrong audience; make the infographic relevant to the audience you are publishing it to.

Here is an example of an infographic. One major handheld gaming system recently created by Nintendo is the 3DS which allows the player to view games and images as if there is a more tangible depth in images that use the third dimension. On a screen, images that try to portray three-dimensional shapes are able to emphasize the third dimension using colors and lighting, but in reality the image is flat and therefore only has two dimensions. On the 3DS, images are altered to complete the illusion of depth by taking advantage of a player’s depth perception (due to having two eyes) and creating a visual that would make the player feel as though they can reach into the screen and grab something. In the infographic to the left, the mechanics of the 3DS are explained. The link to the infographic is here: 3DS 3D: How it works

If you want to learn more about creating an infographic, watch the video below:

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