Aquifer Awareness Project Introduction

Having only started my research on issues of fresh water sustainability, I have limited knowledge on the subject. Normally, many cities will have water towers so that the water is pressurized. The pressure is neutralized when faucets all around the city are turned on. water is stored in and pumped from aquifers underground which contain fresh water, but a common issue with aquifers is that they are too quickly being depleted. Lakeville is known to have notably hard water (about 18 grains per gallon), but has high quality treatment of the water used in every household of the town. Much of the water, being used for drinking, is fluoridated (this is not a Cold War conspiracy in which water supply is replaced by vodka) by adding fluoride to the water to improve dental health. This is only a small introduction to a much larger topic. My group and I chose to research this subject because it seemed to be an interesting and highly important and overlooked issue. I have many questions about the topic, such as: how does treatment cost the community, how can the depletion of water sources be prevented, how is water transported throughout the city, how would the depletion of aquifers or other water sources affect the local ecosystem, and how are the other water systems working around the country?